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Cover: NASA / Natalie Paquette

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1. Ode to Hubble
2. Galaxies and Her Smile
3. Remains Larger than the Pre-form
4. Clarity Within Graspable Prosperity
5. Clarity Within Ungraspable Prosperity

Cover Hubble image: ESA, NASA, & Mohammad Heydari-Malayeri (Observatoire de Paris, France)

Cover photography: Michalina Woźniak

"Minimalistic Surpassed Majesty"

Photography: Beata Rydén
Vocals: Elina Tervonen

"I am very pleased with this song featuring Elina Tervonen on vocals.
And also to be able to present it accompanied with great photography by Beata Rydén."

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Cover art: Darkzero.art
Title font by: Francisco at Homelessfonts »

Footage: NASA
Footage: NASA

Cover photography: Vitaly Andreev

This work is humbly dedicated to H.R. Giger

Cover: Hanan Kazma